How to Become a Soldier?

Many people love going to college and getting the education they want. However, financial problems can be a hindrance and discourage you from getting your desired education. In this case, becoming a soldier may be the way to go. Although being a soldier is tough, it gives you the necessary knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. When you’re a soldier, you become a part of an excellent fighting force known by humankind. You’ll spend your time to train, work and protect other people’s lives.


Don’t worry about leaving your past life. Your family and friends will still be there for you. Here are some of the ways to become a soldier.

The first way to become a soldier is finding a recruiter. These will be your mentors and will offer you essential tools to join the army. To find an army recruiter, you can ask for suggestions from your family and friends. They may know some recruiters around your area and can help you find one. Also, you can make a search on the internet on recruiters in your area. After finding them, you can call or email them to know what is required of you. After you’ve contacted the recruiter and you’re recruited, the background check process begins. They check your background, medical records, and educations records to ensure you have all the requirements needed.


After satisfying all the requirements, you then start the basic combat training. This is a ten-week journey through dedication and hard work. This training aims to build any of your lacking characteristics such as confidence, endurance, marksmanship, communication skills, and many other essentials. You will appreciate the benefits of knee push ups. The skills gained this stage are vital. After completing the training, you graduate and start the Advanced Individual Training stage. This is where you choose the specific army career you want to embark on. Basic combat training was the overall training needed to keep your mind and body strong.


During the Advanced Individual Training stage, you start training with knowledgeable teachers in your chosen field. These fields may include Military Intelligence School, Chemical School, Infantry School, Transportation School, Military Police School, and many others. After going through your chosen field and receiving your degree, that’s where you truly become an army soldier. As a soldier, you’ll be able to work together to complete everyday tasks, accomplish job assignments and go on special missions.